4 Precautions for Peanut Fertilization

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1. The fertilization time should be determined according to the growth situation and growth period of peanuts, generally applied in the later stage of growth, and combined with the spraying of new high lipid film to improve the utilization rate of effective ingredients of fertilizers.

2. To choose a windless and cloudy day, or a sunny day before 9:00 am and after 4:00 pm to increase the absorption of the leaves and prevent damage to the leaves. 4 hours after spraying, it should be sprayed after rain in case of rain.

3. It is necessary to strictly control the spraying concentration. The concentration of Dayee damages leaves and causes fertilizer damage. And applying Kao Kao during the peanut growth period promotes flower bud differentiation and more flowering, which has a good effect on promoting early branching and increasing the number of flowers and pods.

4. When spraying, it should be sprayed evenly and finely, and both the front and back of the leaves should be sprayed, and the ground fruit strong tilin should be sprayed after the peanut flower is inserted, so that the nutrient transportation conduit of the ground fruit will become thicker, and the fruit expansion vitality will be improved. The fruit shape is robust, with high quality and high yield.