The nutrition of hazelnut butter really cannot be underestimated!

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Is hazelnut butter nutritious?

Hazelnut butter is certainly nutritious.

Hazelnut paste The most important thing is hazelnut. Hazelnut, also known as hazelnut, mountain chestnut, pointed chestnut, hammer, etc. Hazelnut is a birch plant and is the seed of the wild shrub hazelnut tree. Hazelnut looks like a chestnut, the shell is hard, the nut is white and round, the aroma is rich, the oil content is large, the taste is particularly fragrant, and the aftertaste is lingering. Therefore, it has become a popular nut food and is called the king of nuts. Hazelnut is divided into flat hazelnut and hazelnut. Flat hazelnut is flat and round, with thick skin and smooth appearance, and the nuts are sweet; hazelnut is tapered, with thin skin and fine capillary, and the nuts are mellow and aromatic. Hazelnuts are nutritious, containing 16.2-18 grams of protein, 50.6-77 grams of fat, 16.5 grams of carbohydrates, 3.1 grams of ash, 3.1 grams of calcium, 316 mg of phosphorus, 556 mg of iron, 8.3 mg of iron, 0.13 mg of carotene, B10.20 mg of vitamin, B20 mg of vitamin, B20.20 mg of vitamin. Hazelnuts have higher calcium, phosphorus and iron levels than other nuts.


 Nutritional value of hazelnut butter.

 Hazelnut butter can be eaten directly or paired with other foods. It is a high nutritional value.

 Hazelnut butter itself is rich in oil, making fat-soluble vitamins easier for the body to absorb.

 Hazelnut butter contains up to 36% vitamin E.


 Taxol is a component of Taxol, which is the active ingredient in Taxol.

 Types of hazelnut butter.

 Hazelnut butter is divided into original hazelnut butter and seasoned hazelnut butter.

 Original hazelnut paste refers to the direct pressing and grinding of only one ingredient, hazelnut.

 Seasoned hazelnut paste is based on the original hazelnut paste, with chocolate, sugar and other ingredients. There are many kinds of seasoned hazelnut paste: chocolate hazelnut paste, sugar hazelnut paste, date hazelnut paste, coconut hazelnut paste, chia seed hazelnut paste, etc.

 Xiwei ya hazelnut paste can be independently developed in production, and can be customized according to customer needs.